still sick…

Yep, 3 days later I’m still sick.  To be honest it hasn’t been that bad – a sore throat, aches and pains, fatigue – aside from the killer headache.  No fever, which is good.  And looks like, whatever it is, I probably picked it up from our nephews/niece on Saturday since my MIL came down with the same symptoms at the same time.  FX tomorrow the headache lets up enough that I can get something done.  Even if it means going to work.

I am, however, lamenting the waste of a perfectly good public holiday yesterday – stuck at home feeling sore and sorry for myself, while DH spent the day with friends.  The waste is made all the more lamentable because our next public holiday is Christmas Day…

On a brighter note though, I saw a quote from a travel agent that DH had requested – he’s been looking into us jetting off to NZ for our holiday!  Nothing’s decided of course, but it’d be nice to go and see some sights…


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