mission aborted…

Ok, not going to the Ekka this afternoon.  I started feeling sick not long after I got to work (must be allergic, yes?) so decided not to risk exposing my in-laws to any potential germs.  I know they’ll probably encounter worse at the show, but if all of those other people stayed home like me then they wouldn’t.  Does that make sense?  Kind of like do unto others as you want them to do unto you – I don’t want you to share your germs, so I won’t share mine…

I’m actually hoping it’s just me being run down or something I ate because it’s still just mild nausea.  I’m going to rest this afternoon and will hopefully be okay for work tomorrow.  But, if I do end up sick, it’ll be a day too early as I won’t have sick leave again (ran out in December) until Wednesday!!  Why, you may ask?  Because Wednesday is my anniversary of employment – 7 long years ago during the Ekka I started my career in this industry.  I was a fresh-faced engineer with a couple of jobs (neither lasting more than 3 months) under my belt and I was still looking for my niche.  Well, I guess you’d have to say I found it.  I still have days when I can think of nothing less pleasurable to do than go to work, but truth be told I do like my job.  Even on the “please don’t make me go to work” days I would still concede that.  So, if I bitch and whine about it, it’s just venting – don’t read too much into it…


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