more nostalgia…

I had a couple more Ekka stories come to mind after my last post, but I’ll save those for later.  After all, there’s 8 days of Ekka to go!  Including People’s Day on Wednesday – the last public holiday we get until Christmas!

So, a different story today…  Last night I was watching a tv show.  Ground breaking, I know.  Anyway, I was watching this scene and just as it changed to the next scene I spotted something on the floor, so I rewound it (I love modern tv!!) to take a closer look.  Lo and behold, there it was:

Aparently it’s called the Kenner Tree Tots.  To me it was just The Treehouse – one of my most favourite toys ever growing up!  Am I showing my age?  Maybe.  But I don’t care – I loved this toy!  I’m still gushing over being reminded of it out of the blue!

I’ve got to admit, I’m wondering what Memory Lane is going to throw at me next?


4 Responses to “more nostalgia…”

  1. OMG I remember this toy. I think we had it but it was broke by the time I wanted to play with it (I think the spring came out). I’m blaming my brother for breaking it. What show did you see it on?

  2. OMG!!. I had one too, ”The family tree house” now im showing my age lolS!!.. I played with it so much!, wish id have kept it, its prob worth something now!..


  3. I remember that toy! Great post :)

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