I realise my postings have become fewer and further between.  The reason is that there’s really nothing going on in my life right now.  I finally seem to have gone almost 2 weeks without being sick (yay!!), work is busy but normal (yay again!) and IVF is on hold for a yet-to-be-determined period.  I said I wanted normal, and I seem to have found it.  It just doesn’t make for interesting blogging…

One thing which I did mention last week – I tried acupuncture for the first time ever on Saturday.  The verdict?  It was fine.  I can’t say I’d be rushing back purely for enjoyment, but neither would I run screaming in the other direction in terror.  So long as I think it might help I’ll keep it up.

The biggest outcome of the visit was her recommending a 6 week detox program.  DH is keen to try it in spite of the effort that will be required.  The program doesn’t even allow you to microwave vegetables!  There’s going to be a lot of preparation required to be able to cook 6 week’s worth of meals from scratch.  And somehow you’re supposed to nosh your way through 4 cups of veges PLUS 3 cups of salad!  WTF!!  I’m a big girl and I just don’t eat that much!  That’s 14 cups of salad & veges to cut up every day (for the two of us)!  That’s 14 cups of salad & veges to BUY for each day!  Seriously, WTF!!

Anyway, we go back to acupuncture on Saturday (she wants me to go once per week until our next IVF) so I’ll know what we’re doing then…  But if there’s a chance it can help us attain that elusive BFP, we’re probably in like Flynn…


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