and the forecast is…

…cold!  I’m heading to Sydney for the weekend and the forecast is:

Forecast for Friday
Chance coastal shower. Partly cloudy. Moderate south to southwest fresh at times near the coast.
Precis: Mostly fine. Partly cloudy.

City:         Min:   8 Max:  16   Parramatta: Min:   6 Max:  16
Terrey Hills: Min:   7 Max:  15   Penrith:    Min:   5 Max:  16
Liverpool:    Min:   4 Max:  17   Richmond:   Min:   3 Max:  16 

UV Alert: Nil , UV Index predicted to reach 2 [Low]

Saturday Fine.

City:          Min:    7  Max:   17
West:          Min:    1  Max:   17 

Sunday Fine.

City:          Min:    7  Max:   17
West:          Min:    1  Max:   18 

Monday Fine.

City:          Min:    7  Max:   20
West:          Min:    3  Max:   20

Now, my sister lives in the western suburbs, but in the inner west, so I’m hoping it’ll be more like the city weather overnight.  Then again, the spare room in her house is always cold, even in summer.  Maybe I’ll pack a heater?

My other forecast is for Saturday.  The reason I’m going down is to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister.  She’s getting married next year and I’m her matron of honour.  The catch?  I’m a “plus-size” kinda gal.  Now, I’m not as wide as I am tall.  That would be scary since I’m 5’8″!  But there’s no hiding that I am very overweight.  So my forecast for Saturday is tears.  Hopefully not a full blown meltdown in the shop, but I already feel quite depressed about the whole thing.  My sister has been very frustrated by me not wanting to go on this expedition, but, being the skinny rake she is, she doesn’t realise how truly horrifying it is!

I’ve put on a heap of weight with all the IVF and fertility drugs so lately I’ve been feeling particularly large.  Which is why I’ve been trying to be good.  Not a crash diet, something more sustainable.  The problem with that is that it is also slower.  My mum gave me a diet (which they apparently give to cardiac patients at some hospital) which claims you’ll lose 5-7kg in a week.  Now, everything I’ve ever read says that any more than 2kg in a week is unhealthy.  And yet I find myself sorely tempted.  The only thing stopping me is the fear that it will actually make me put more weight after stopping.  This isn’t a diet you can keep doing.  But I want to lose 40kg – imagine doing it in 6-8 weeks instead of 12 months!

What to do?  What to do?

Oops, the dryer’s finished.  Time to pack.


2 Responses to “and the forecast is…”

  1. I am a big girl who got married last year. One of my bridesmaids is a big girl too. I found Alfred Angelo dresses to be great as they come in all sizes and a million colours.

    • juniper76 Says:

      Thanks Jacni. Coincidentally when I was married a few years ago I had my sister wearing an Alfred Angelo dress.

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