I can feel the pain already…

It’s 11pm so this will be quick.  We finally caught up with our friends after their 9 week trip to Europe.  They had some great stories and it was amazing how some of their experiences were the complete opposite of ours.  For example, they had huge dramas at the London Eye and left very unhappy, whilst we got there mere minutes before our booked tour (you’re meant to be there half an hour before but we had tube problems) and the staff were fantastic about getting us in at the very last minute.  We barely scratched the surface on their photos so I’m looking forward to another visit to see the rest.  We just spent too much time talking and cooking, then eating, dinner before we got started on the photos so we ran out of time.

Anyway, we’ve got our car booked in for a service tomorrow.  And we’ve got to get it there (a good 20-30 minutes away, possibly more if the traffic’s bad) by 6.45am.  And it’s been cold last night and tonight – 6°C last night (that’s cold for here, we don’t get snow) – so I’m doubly not looking forward to the early morning!

Ok, need to finish my water then off to bed…


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