insomnia sucks…

I’ve been holding off posting an update on the response from my manager at work because another, related, issue has cropped up and I wanted to see what he said about that first.  But looks like I may not get to talk to him about it until Monday.  So, you’ll just have to wait.

I’m not going to broach the subject with him today since I’m sleep deprived.  Stupid insomnia.  I went to bed at 11pm last night and finally got to sleep somewhere around 4am.  Only to then be woken by the alarm at 7am.  That’s 5 seemingly endless dark hours of staring at the insides of my eyelids.  5 endlessly frustrating hours of feeling totally exhausted but not in the least bit sleepy.  Grrrr.  I haven’t slept well all week (no-one warned me pseudoephedrine could cause sleeplessness; on the contrary, I was warned the night tablets may cause drowsiness), but had hoped to turn that around since yesterday was the first day after finishing the cold and flu tablets.

So, while DH got up at 7am and toddled off to work for his half-day Friday, I decided to try and get some more sleep and then take the afternoon shift (ie I’ll drive myself to work once he brings the car home at lunchtime).  Sadly, I had some trouble getting back to sleep, but I did sneak in maybe another 2 hours.  That’ll have to do to get me through to the end of the day.  I’ll have to make up this morning’s hours over the weekend.  Or maybe tonight?

Bah, that’s all I’m writing.  No sleep = no brain power.  Can’t think.  Can’t write.  Going to shower, then going to work.


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