chicken casserole…

Good evening world!  Damn, I should have written this in the morning.  “Good morning world” has a much more upbeat ring to it, being at the start of the day and all…  It just sounds like bottled sunshine!

Anyway, another day another sneeze.  Still getting over the latest cold.  But determined to see it gone before the week is over.  Speaking of… where are my vitamin C tablets?  (Chewable, of course!  And raspberry flavoured!)

The good news is, on Saturday I finally got around to having a go at my long-awaited chicken casserole.  And completely missed the target.  Lately I’ve been on a bit of a vege kick – trying to make sure all our meals aren’t just protein + carbs  (ie steak and potato, meat and pasta, meat and rice, etc).  We have a bad habit of getting too much take-away and those meals seem to inevitably be meat+carbs sans veges.  So, as a consequence, I went overboard on the veges.  The result was still good.  Actually it tasted just fine.  And there was enough for more than three meals.  But it wasn’t what I had pictured in my head.  It wasn’t creamy (which probably means it was healthier than what I had pictured).

So after that I caved and asked my mum if she remembered the recipe she used to cook, since that’s what I was craving.  The good news was, not only did she remember it, she had made some just that day and was having it for lunch the next day if I wanted to come over for some!  I decided NOT to share my cold with her, but she did email me the recipe!  So once DH has recovered from this week’s flood of chicken casserole I’ll have another go at it.

There was something else I was going to write…  What was it?

Oh, that’s right.  Now that AF has finally left the building I’m thinking about the next cycle.  And I’ve suddenly realised that I’m on Day 12.  Now, after an IVF cycle, that may be anywhere from 3 to 13 days before ovulation, but still time to start thinking about getting in some BD if we want to be TTC this cycle.  Which means I’m now really keen for this cold to be gone ASAP.

Note to self: make sure you take the thermometer back to the bedroom with you tonight – time to start temping again.

Ok, that’s all.  It’s time for bed.


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