you’ve got to be kidding…

I mean, seriously!  What is wrong with me?  Or do I just have shit bad luck?

I’m sick.  AGAIN.  Seems to be different this time – full blown sinus pressure, blocked nose, sinus headache and sore throat.  And now the coughing has started again.  Ugh.  I didn’t have sinus/nasal issues last time, so I’m thinking this is something new.  And I’m wondering if I managed to pick it up from someone at work who has been off for a sinus infection lately?  Is that a reasonable suspicion or does it not work like that?

Anyway, so I was off work again.  So much for my plans to actually work a full week.  I just know my boss is going to be jumping up and down about me missing yet another day so close to end of financial year.  Not looking forward to Monday.  Especially not looking forward to Monday if I haven’t knocked this on the head by then.  I think I should go in sick just to prove that I am sick.  No, I want to get over this quickly.  I’ve had enough of feeling like crap and there’s only so much tv I can handle watching.

Time to blow my nose again.  Good thing I stocked up on tissues on Wednesday…  Got those lovely 3-ply with aloe vera ones!  But wishing I’d bought the eucalyptus ones.  Oh well, I can always use the eucalyptus oil we’ve got in the bathroom…


One Response to “you’ve got to be kidding…”

  1. Linked to your blog from FF. Sorry you are having such a hard time…but boy can you write… have a great way with prose and expressing yourself…perhaps the start of a book?
    FX for you.

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