what good are odds?

BFN again.  Of course I’m disappointed.  This is one thing I’d really love to be wrong about.  But I’m okay this time.  I was expecting it and I have the beginnings of a plan on how to proceed.  Last time I was in IVF limbo and just completely fell apart.  This time my plan is my safety net.

So, originally we were given a 50% chance of success with IVF#1.  You’d think after 3 fresh cycles and 1 FET that we should have succeeded by now.  But, no.  And don’t start about the Law of Averages.  My body  just seems determined to defy the odds and remain childless…

I can’t help but feel that at this stage we should be trying to work out why this isn’t working.  Surely 15 months of treatment without even a glimmer of a BFP suggests there is some yet-undiscovered problem?


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