I think the title says it all.  I really feel like I’m reaching the end of yet another unsuccessful cycle.  I’m not going to go into why I think we failed again, because it will just upset me more.  After all these cycles, after all those disappointments, I’m just not going to try to kid myself into any sort of false hope.

Call it self-preservation if you like – last time it took me two weeks to get over the BFN and start functioning again; this time I’ll be prepared…


2 Responses to “depressed…”

  1. Juniper, ::HUGS:: I am not giving up on your cycle this month. I know you are going to get your BFP!

    You and I emotionally are on the same rollercoaster…. I am just starting and you are way in front of me. I cannot offer any comfort other than to let you know I am here for you if you need to talk. XOXOXO

    We have almost 95% decided to do surgery IVF and ICSI just waiting on my ssslllooowww RE to get back to me and then we can book it. We have semi-agreed to do 2 cycles of IVF/ICSI. Both OBGYN and RE agree in protocols for me. This is it. If this does not work it is over for us – childfree. DH does not want to adopt nor do I think he will change his mind. And I cannot adopt without him if we are married. This is very, very stressful.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing I say can comfort you for how you feel right now (I now understand this – I didn’t fully understand before but I do now) but perhaps knowing that I see you have tried, prayed, wished, endured, supported others, and have done everything in your power to TTC. I am so proud of you and your courage. So, go get that BFP news!!! I will be here waiting for you either way. XOXOXO

  2. Stacie Lynn Says:

    Juniper, it’s Stacie Lynn from one of your FF buddy groups. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling so positive about this cycle but I do understand. I’m in the waiting stage right now too and although it’s much earlier I already have some serious doubts. Won’t go into it as this post is about YOU, I just wanted you to know I completely know how you feel! ((hugs)) I am sending tons of sticky vibes and baby dust your way. It’s not over until you get your BETA done, so try not to lose all hope. Maybe it will be a very happy surprise! I understand you’re trying to prepare for bad news just in case. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 3 weeks to get over a BFN, take all the time you need! Just know that your FF girls are always there for you. I sincerely hope that is not the case and that we’ll all be celebrating for you. Looking forward to your positive results!

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