another day at home…

It seems like forever since I had any semblance of normality in my life.  First of all, the IVF really screws it all up.  I always miss a heap of work due to side effects of the drugs, etc.  This time around I tried to miss less work.  Partly because they’ve got to be getting annoyed with me by now, and partly because I ran out of sick leave long ago and am now using unpaid leave.  IVF is expensive to begin with – add in lost wages and it really makes it difficult.

So, trying to miss less work…  About 3 weeks ago I started coughing.  I missed a few days of work before ER to try and get over it.  Then I got to the planned time off for IVF.  I was supposed to go back to work a week ago, but I’m still sick.  I don’t know what it is, but after 3 weeks of coughing and poor sleep (due to coughing) I’m just exhausted.  And I’ve worked one day in the last 3 weeks.  They’re probably really annoyed with me by now…

Not a lot I can do about it.  But it gives me time to sit around on the computer all day and search for casserole recipes (no winners yet).  Tonight we had home-made steak burgers.  They’re good, but they’re no chicken casserole…


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