lunch with m’ peeps…

For the record, “peeps” is not a word I normally use.  But, my wonderful SIL does use it regularly and I’m sure she’d have described today’s outing as “lunch with my peeps”.

It was my birthday last month but it kind of got lost among a few other events.  I really wasn’t bothered by that.  But DH’s mother and sisters decided a girl’s lunch at Sizzler was just the ticket.  I’ve been looking forward to it all week, although I was unaware of the belated birthday twist until I saw the present.  Attending were DH’s mum, all three of his sisters, our 3yo niece and our 5yo nephew (who was home sick from school and wasn’t overly impressed when it was pointed out he was the only boy at the table!).  A great time was had by all, although my MIL was disappointed by the lack of bread and butter pudding, of which she normally has many serves.


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