…and today’s magic number is 3

I called this morning for our fertilisaton report – 3 eggs fertilised.  60% is pretty close to the normal fertilisation rates.  We’re not doing ICSI, so that’s all DH’s boys keeping up their end of the deal.

Actually, the number 3 seems to have been dogging this cycle from the beginning…

  • I recently turned 33
  • DH & I recently celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary
  • It’s our 3rd IVF cycle
  • I was taking 333.3iu for the FSH – it was supposed to be 325iu but I worked out I could dial it up one extra notch and still get the same number of doses out of the vial
  • That number of doses was 3 – 3 doses/vial
  • We’re doing our first 3dt
  • We now have 3 embryos

Now all I have to do is pray that it’s 3rd time lucky…


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