A beginning, of sorts…

Where to start?

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  I’m not sure how good I’ll be at it?  But, for now, I am writing for myself, not an audience.  So I guess it doesn’t matter how often I post or how insightful those posts are?

My reason for testing the blogging waters is a simple need to express myself in any way I want.  I won’t be telling my friends about this blog – I don’t want them to know I write it.  I may have to tell my wonderful DH though because he always complains about not knowing what’s going on in my head.  Never mind that it’s probably safer for him not to know…

So, why the need for self-expression?

Once upon a time I knew how to write for fun.  In high school I was good at writing – essays, reports, creative writing, whatever.  Years of university and then work have slowly beaten my creative writing skills out of me.  I can write a kick-ass formal report, but ask me to write even a simple poem and it’s like getting blood from a stone…  I miss the beauty that words can create.  I miss flexing my creative muscles.  The words “use it or lose it” have never seemed more pithy.  So, forgive me if I lapse into formality, if my words read like a dry report, I’m learning (again).

Yes, there is more to it than this, but for once I am choosing to get to the point in my own sweet time.  Aahh, the freedom!


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